Regular Vaccinations the Key to Healthy Los Angeles Pets

At Century Veterinary Group, one of the most common reasons why our pet expert team treats an animal is for routine vaccinations. Besides getting to visit with our favorite vet clinic patients and their owners, we view this as an opportunity to enhance the life of each pet. After all, regular vaccinations are the key to healthy Los Angeles pets!
However, not all pet owners understand the importance of routine vaccinations for their animal. By educating these patients, we are able to give their animals a long healthy life.


Important Information about Veterinary Vaccinations for Los Angeles Pets

What is a veterinary vaccination?
Before a pet owner can truly understand the importance of veterinary vaccinations, one must understand what a vaccination is. A vaccination is a medical procedure in which boosts the animal’s immunity against certain diseases. This is the exact same procedure that most children go through early in life and many people experience during flu season. The only difference is the vaccination procedure takes place on an animal in a vet clinic setting.

When should a pet owner take their animal to a vet clinic for vaccinations?

This is a very good question! Most adult cats and dogs will need their vaccinations on an annual basis. Dogs will generally need a rabies vaccination in order to be licensed in the city in which they live. Animals that travel frequently and those under a year old will need additional shots at various times. It is important to check with Dr. Jeff and our pet expert team to determine the exact schedule needed.

What is the vaccination schedule for puppies and kittens under one year of age?
Puppies and kittens under one year old have a bit of a different vaccination schedule than adult animals. They will generally need their first series of shots around six to eight weeks of age. Then, additional vaccinations will be needed every eight weeks, until four months of age. Boosters will then be given during the animal’s yearly health checkup. For puppies, a rabies vaccination will need to be given before the animal is licensed with the city.

What is a rabies vaccination?

A rabies vaccination helps boost the immune system of the animal to avoid contracting rabies disease. This incredibly contagious illness is often spread by wildlife or other animals to the pet and can be quite serious.

Is there any risk for the animal when getting vaccinations?

Like any vet medical procedure, there is always the risk of side effects or reactions due to a particular vaccination. However,

vaccination, rabies, cleaning dogs teeth

Dr. Jeff and our pet expert team strive to select vaccinations with a low amount of known side effects to most dogs and cats. It is still important to monitor the animal’s health after returning home. If any symptoms or changes in behavior begin, bring the animal into the vet clinic immediately.
Los Angeles pet owners looking to schedule a vaccination appointment with our pet expert team may do so by calling 310-734-0176.

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