8 Benefits of Mix Feeding Your Pet Dry and Wet


Posted on 07-13-2015

No one likes to eat the same food every day, and neither does your pet. This has nothing to do with taste preference – having a diverse diet is much more about the nutrients and health benefits.

Mixed feeding your pet dry and wet food not only welcomes a variety of tastes and textures to their diet but other benefits include:

  1. Wet food boosts water intake. The additional hydration helps support a healthy urinary tract and proper organ function, especially in small dogs and cats that are more prone to urinary tract diseases.
  2. Dry food is a concentrated source of nutrition and a great source of energy for your pet.
  3. Wet food is low in calories – in fact, gram for gram it has less calories than dry food.

Many people think that serving their pets wet food will cause them to gain weight, but if wet food is inserted into their diet properly, then the opposite will occur and your pet will actually be ingesting fewer calories each day and gaining additional health benefits.

  1. Despite common belief, wet food contains fewer calories per gram than dry food. Regular consumption of wet food helps maintain a healthy body weight due to the high levels of proteins and low levels of carbohydrates.
  2. The crunchy texture of dry food helps support oral care health by reducing tartar.
  3. Wet food has a soft texture that’s easy for puppies, kittens and senior animals to chew and digest.
  4. Unlike wet foods, a bowl of dry can be left out all day, allowing your pet to graze on it. I like to feed my cats wet food for their main meals at breakfast and dinner, and then leaving dry food out for them during the day. It works great for us!
  5. Wet food is closer in texture to the food that dogs or cats would naturally choose.  Maybe this explains why they seem to enjoy it so much! Also remember that cats are not herbivores – they must consume some meat. Wet food is a great way to make sure they get some.

Mixed feeding dry and wet food makes for a happier and healthier pet. Learn all about the benefits of feeding your pets both wet and dry food visit www.petmixedfeeding.ca.  What do you feed your fur-friends? Share your feeding stories in the comments below.

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