Dr. Jeff Werber: Los Angeles Veterinarian, Century Veterinary Group

Dr.Werber_PicInstinctively drawn to veterinary medicine by his childhood love of animals, “Dr. Jeff” received a degree in Zoology from UC Berkeley in 1976. He went on to the Master’s program at California State University at Northridge, California, where he taught in their Biology Department.

In 1984, he earned his Veterinary Degree from the University of California at Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, graduation with high honors. He began his veterinary career as an associate veterinarian at the practice he worked with as a pre-veterinary student, then, in 1988, he opened Century Veterinary Group in a small leased building a few blocks from Century Veterinary Groups’s current location. In 2003, he moved CVG to its new building, a state-of-the-art, modern, award-winning, American Animal Hospital Association accredited hospital. Still working full-time for over 28 years, Dr. Jeff feels like every day is as exciting as his first!

An obvious, avid pet lover, “Dr. Jeff” shares his home with his wife, two of his three grown children (his oldest is married), and his 6 dogs and 7 cats! He only wishes there was a bed larger than a California King so he’d have room for even more pets!

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