Becoming a New Puppy Owner


What Does Your New Puppy Need?

Love may be number one on the list, but there are a few other specific requirements:

  • Name your puppy, preferably before you bring it home. Be consistent by using the same name all the time.
  • A safe environment: Even a small puppy is mobile, so “puppy-proofing” a home is recommended, both for the animal’s safety and your own sanity. Be aware that your puppy will be curious about everything; behavioral limits are learned. Be patient.
  • Proper shelter: A place to sleep, eat and drink, and take care of its needs. If your puppy is not yet trained, our knowledgeable and caring staff can offer some tips on toilet training.
  • Exercise: Even more than older dogs, puppies need supervised, active play time. But they also need to sleep a lot. Supply both regularly and you’ll have a more manageable puppy and a happier adult dog.
  • Make your puppy legal: If your community requires registration, do so. Get a proper collar, leash and ID tags.
  • Keep your puppy healthy: Schedule an initial visit with our experienced Los Angeles veterinarians, even if that precious new puppy has already had it first shots and is perfectly healthy. Establishing an ongoing relationship is the best thing you can do to provide for the lasting health and well-being of your furry friend.

Remember that Century Veterinary Group is your puppy’s best resource for puppy care needs. We will answer your questions about spaying and neutering procedures, help you choose the best diet options and recommend tested training procedures.

During the month of March we offer a 10% discount on our Puppy Care Package. Why not call us today for details, and schedule an appointment so we can welcome your puppy to our family as well?

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